Titanium Socket Cap M5*12

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Titanium Socket Cap M5*12

Product Abstract:

China titanium manufacturer directly supply a wide range of high performance titanium socket cap bolts , titanium washers,Titanium torx bolts, Titanium nuts,Titanium fasteners,titanium screws etc

Product Description
Tapered Titanium Socket Cap Bolts M5*12
Head: tapered/ socket cap
Material: Gr5 titanium alloy 
Size: M5*10mm length
Welcome to  custom titanium socket cap bolts,titanium washers,titanium nuts,titanium fasteners  etc, if you are in need, please feel free to contact us.
Titanium bolts properties:
Tensile strength : Heat treated to 950Mpa~1000Mpa
Yield strength : 870Mpa~925Mpa(126,000psi~134,000psi)
Hardness : 30 HRC-40HRC
Shear strength : 500Mpa~550Mpa
Elongation : 14%~18%
Specific strength : Mangnesium alloy :16/Aluminium alloy :21/Titanium alloy:29
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titanium scoket cap M5*12

titanium scoket cap M5

Any question about titanium scoket cap bolts ,please feel free to contact us sales@titanium-bicycle.com or click below picture to send us an FREE INQUIRY !

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