• titanium bike frame vs carbon bike frame

    Titanium bike frame vs Carbon bike frame vs Aluminium bike frame vs Steel bike frame: On the market, there are many people use titanium bike frame, carbon bike frame, aluminium bike frame, and steel bike frame. what is the real difference ?what is the advantage of each frame ?which frame is the best ? [View Details]
  • What to consider when choosing titanium bike frame

    If you have decided to buy a titanium frame bike, the place to look is your local shop or net shop . offers a wide range of new and used titanium framed bikes to suit all budgets – from a few hundred pounds to several thousands. The range of bikes on offer spans racing bikes tomountain bikes [View Details]
  • How to calculate titanium spoke length ?

    More and more bicycle riders like to DIY the own bicycle wheel, it is more fun and makes you more individualized . But when buying spokes ,do you know how to calculate the spokes length? It is complicated to calculate the spokes length. Fortunately ,there is spokes length calculator , only we need to do is measure some basic size. [View Details]