• Corki pedal it’s done making fashion

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  • CORKI Titanium bicycle fork

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  • Why no titanium frame?

    Maybe a crazy question but why don't you ever see titanium bike frame? Titanium is supposted to be lighter and more forgiving than steel. There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of steel bikes with steel forks. Titanium will certainly outlast steel, carbon fiber and aluminum, and its performance does not degrade over time as it does for these other materials. By varying tube diameters and wall thicknesses, the ride quality can be well. Titanium frame are said to smooth out the ride, and some makers have consistently made titanium frame which are praised by those who have purchased them. [View Details]
  • The CORKI titanium pedal You Should Be Using Now

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  • do you really know bicycles ?

    Most of people in the world know bicycles. about 50 percent of people know how to ride a bike.But for most of them, it's a primary form of transport, for others an occasional diversion.But for just about everyone, bicycles are a familiar artifact of contemporary life — a simple device that's easy to recognize and easy to understand. Unlike a car, or even a motorcycle, a bicycle's mechanism is straightforward and on display [View Details]
  • Corki is updating bicycle plan

    Corki, bicycle parts leaders are thinking about ways Corki could become more welcoming to bicyclists.The city is updating its bicycle plan, which was crafted in 2014 partly as a way to identify needed changes to get people pedaling. [View Details]
  • Cycling safty

    In order to avoid this types of accident, Cyclists should always remember :Always wear an approved bicycle helmet, properly fitted and fastened .Always obey the road rules, including traffic lights, stop signs and give way signs.Ride in a predictable manner so that other road users do not have to react suddenly to your movements . Give hand signals when changing lanes or turning left or right .Make yourself visible by wearing bright, light or reflective clothing. [View Details]
  • titanium pedals brief introduction

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  • Bicycle pedals manufacturing process

    Corki bicycle pedals manufacturing process . People in the world who ride bicycle must use bicycle pedals, but most of them do not know how to make bicycle pedals ? After check below pictures , you 'll understand the whole manufacturing process [View Details]
  • How does this bicycle helmet suspended in the air ?

    How does this bicycle helmet suspended in the air ? Click to find out the truth . [View Details]