Bicycle pedals manufacturing process
2015-06-08 11:30:38

Bicycle pedals manufacturing process

Corki bicycle pedals manufacturing process 

People in the world who ride bicycle must use bicycle pedals, but most of them do not know how to make bicycle pedals ? After check below pictures , you 'll understand the whole manufacturing process.[FYI: this is about flat platform pedals]

1. Make an extrusion mould. then use the mould to make below pedals shape. at first, it is very long, normally we will use extrusion mould to make  2meter material with pedals section.then cut to pieces like below in the baskets.

bicycle pedals extrusion

2. After we get the above material, then we start make some jig , then use the jig to fix the pedals .


then use CNC to make the below shape. For one pedal, we need to CNC two sides, and the CNC time is long, that's why the cost is very high. If deduct some wholes, bicycle pedals cost will be down, but bicycle pedals weight will be heavier. that's most of riders do not want to see.especially long distance riders.


After CNC, you will get the pedals appearance, like below picture. this is corki -11 pedals.

Corki-11 pedals

3. If you have some basic knowladge of manufacturing, you will know after CNC , bicycle pedals will have many burr, so , we have to remove the burr. We use stone shaking to remove the little burr. after shaking, some pedals still have burr, hard to remove it.  So ,we have to remove it by people.  please check the picture, after shaking, there is some stone left in the pedals wholes. 


4. The next step is pedals anodizing. If you want oil slick color or shiny silver color , we have to polish the bicycle pedals surface , make it very smooth, then do anodizing. If the surface is not smooth, the color will be dark, looks not good. 

bicycle pedals anodizing

5. When manufacturing the pedals body, at the same time we manufacture the samll parts such as spikes ,titanium axle etc and purchase Tainwan bearings. after anodized the color , we assembly the titanium axle and other small parts.

titanium axle

5. After assembled the pedals, we use laser machine to make our logo CORKI . Laser engraving is the normal way to make logo, especially suit for  metal parts. You can choose painting. but painting is easy to get off.

6. The next step is to packing our pedals with tin box.  Each step we have QC to pick out the defect goods. and we also have 6 month quality warranty. Except the pedals, we also will send free installation tools for you and spare spikes.

bicycle pedals corki

bicycle pedals MTB

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