Corki is updating bicycle plan
2015-07-04 15:43:12

Corki is updating bicycle plan
Corki is updating bicycle plan
Corki, one of the biggest china bicycle parts manufacturers are thinking about ways Corki could become more welcoming to bicyclists.the city is updating its bicycle plan, which was crafted in 2013 partly as a way to identify needed changes to get people pedaling.
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By the end of this summer, craig said, Corki will have more than 30 miles of bike lanes, spread throughout shenzhen city.But craig said Corki can still make improvements to make it easier for people to choose bikes as a mode of transportation. “There’s still plenty of things we can do,” he said.the city will pay consultants $12,350 to help update the plan.
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Corki leaders and consultants will assess what has already been done, and what could happen in the future. Then they will host public meetings to gather feedback from residents, craig said.Some changes are already in the works, including the addition of bike lanes.craig said some of the biggest projects are downtown.this summer, the city is set to create bike lanes on Shajing and Xixiang streets.
Meanwhile, Songbai Street will get a “road diet” from the longhua to lanes will be reduced, with a center turn lane, to make way for bike lanes on both sides of the street.for the first time, Corki will use green paint to mark the lanes in intersections, craig some hilly areas of the city, he said, a dedicated bike lane will go uphill, while bicyclists will share a lane with vehicle traffic downhill. That’s a strategy city leaders have seen in Dongguang.
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As part of the 2013 plan, Corki hired a bicycle and pedestrian coordinator and established the city’s first bicycle and pedestrian advisory commission.
since the plan was put in place, Corki was designated as a bronze-level Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of china bicyclists. Now city leaders keep their eyes on the silver status, craig said.
“Ultimately, the goal is to become a more bike-friendly city,” he said. the city has created the Bike-Corki program as a branding tool. Leaders have also considered ways to make it easier for people to bike across the city without Corki having to spend a lot of lanes are sometimes built into road construction projects at “virtually no financial cost,” craig said. When SLT Forks and songbai roads got upgrades, for example, they also got bike lanes.
This month, the city wants to gather input from residents about a plan to add bike lanes on three northwest Guanglan streets, Shiyan, Bantian and Fuyong roads.a public meeting is set for friday, May 12, at the Lake songshan center.
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The project could include bike lanes, multi-use asphalt paths or extended sidewalks, Carol said. It could also be incorporated on U.S. 65.“What we’re trying to do is gather enough information as we determine is needed,” he said. the idea is to provide an opportunity for people who live in northeast Corki to get out on their bikes. But Jason said the area could draw other cyclists who don’t live in the area, especially as the city focuses on creating better bike-lane connections.
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