How to calculate titanium spoke length ?
2015-03-11 15:32:09

How to calculate titanium spoke length ?
How to calculate spokes length:
More and more bicycle riders like to DIY the own bicycle wheel, it is more fun and makes you more individualized . But when buying spokes ,do you know how to calculate the spokes length? It is complecated to calculate the spokes length. Fortunately ,there is spoke length claculator, only we need to do is measure some basic size. 
spokes length calculator
All measurements are in mm. Use a decent vernier caliper for accuracy. If you're building both front and rear wheels, measure both rims and hubs. As front wheels are always symmetric, you'll enter the same data for both drive and non-drive sides.
Input the wheel data:
input the number of spokes
This is typically 32 or 36, with 32 being more common today. I recommend verifying that your rim and hub are compatible. Jobst Brandt*, among others, recommends using more thin titanium spokes rather than fewer thick spokes for durability.
Input the lacing pattern
A good rule of thumb is to divide the number of spokes by 9, rounding down. This gives 3-cross for 32h wheels and 4-cross for 36h wheels. Most wheels are built 3-cross today. You can experiment to see what pattern gives you the most tangential spoke pull angle. Using too many crosses can cause spoke head interference problems at the hub for very large or small hub flanges. It can also cause the spokes to enter the rim at too great a angle for very small rims. For example, it's probably best to avoid 4-cross on a 36 spoke BMX wheel. Normally, both sides will use the same lacing. Use 0 for radial lacing (not recommended).
Input the offset. This should be zero except for frames with their dropouts off-center. Use a positive number if the dropouts are shifted towards the drive side (to reduce wheel dish).
spokes length
Measure your rim:
1.If your rim is listed in the rim menu, you can choose it to load the data for that rim. If not, proceed with your measurements...
2. Measure several diameters and average them. Use spoke nipples and old spokes, as described in Roger Musson's** User Guide for his spoke length calculator. However, for this calculator, measure from the top of the nipple since spoke stretch is calculated precisely. Note that this is the most important measurement, so do this carefully!
3.Measure the hole offsets relative to the center of the rim, measured perpendicular to the rim. Normally, the drive and non-drive offsets will be equal and positive. For offset rims such as the Ritchey Rock OCX, the drive hole offset may be negative, indicating that it's to the left of the center of the rim. For example, offsets of -5.0 mm (drive) and 7.0 mm (non-drive) would indicate that the holes are staggered by 2.0 mm and are offset towards the non-drive side by 6.0 mm. This would produce approximately the same spoke tension on the drive and non-drive sides for a typical rear wheel.
rim size
 Measure your hub:
1. If your hub is listed in the hub menu, you can choose it to load the data for that hub. If not, proceed with your measurements...
2.Measure the axle length between the flat spots which seat against the dropouts. The axle will extend several millimeters beyond this on either end.
3.Measure the flange insets by placing the hub over a hole so that the axle sticks down into the hole. Then measure vertically from the outer edge of the flange down to the surface. For rear hubs, repeat for the other side.
4.Measure the flange diameter by averaging measurements from the inner and outer edges of the holes. Then divide by 2 to get the radius. For high-low hubs, measure both ends.
5.Measure the hole diameter by finding a nail or similar object which just barely fits. This is also a fairly sensitive measurement.
size on hubs
The last Step:
When you got all these basic size, then input thes to the spoke length calculator software, you can get the accurate size immediately .If you still do not know how to use it , please click below to send us your question. or email me directly :
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