What to consider when choosing titanium bike frame
2015-03-09 16:31:38

What to consider when choosing titanium bike frame
What to consider when choosing titanium bike frame ?
If you have decided to buy a titanium bike frame, the place to look is your local shop or net shop offers a wide range of new titanium bike frames to suit all budgets – from a few hundred pounds to several thousands. The range of bikes on offer spans racing bikes tomountain bikes.
titanium bike frame size
It is essential for comfort, safety and peak performance that you buy the right size titanium bike frame.Most sellers will specify the frame size of the bike they are selling in both inches and centimetres. Just as a ball-park guide the following chart is a useful guide as to likely fit as it shows the typical height range for different frames:
titanium bike frame height
This is purely meant as a guide. People come in all shapes and sizes; some people have quite short legs and a long torso and others long legs and a short torso and they could be the same height. titanium bike frame manufacturer make frames in different sizes because we all have different size legs. The key element is the inside leg and the cyclist ought to be able to stand astride the bicycle with at least 2-5 cm clearance over the top tube. This should be achievable with the cyclist’s feet flat on the floor, not on tip toe. If you are planning to buy a mountain bike, there should be a 5-10 centimetre clearance above the top tube. This is to allow for the nature of mountain biking – the extra space is for the occasional need to dismount suddenly from the bike.
Titanium bike frame strength
The best titanium bikes are constructed using a Gr9 titanium alloy bike frame. This delivers the best strength to weight ratio along with a degree of flex that will allow the frame to sustain a high level impact without permanent damage
Quality of manufacturing
There is little point spending money on top quality titanium if the construction is poor. The tubes of a titanium frame rarely if ever break – it is almost always a weld that fails. Look for good quality smooth welds and avoid bikes with messy or blobby welds. If you have not been able to satisfy yourself on this issue by researching the manufacturer, ask the seller to send you some close ups of the main welds in the two triangle frame
Titanium bike frame style
The fisrt thing is to check the style , at least make usre you self like this design. and do not use folding bike to do mountain biking.
titanium bike frame style
Titanium bike frame welding line
High quality products have a great look of welding line. Check closely to see if the welding line is average and smooth . Normally , from welding line we can tell a lot: if the titanium bike frame manufacturer are good , then the welding line at least good looking.because normally when welding wast a lot of material to get a good welding. Low quality would not waste these material.
titanium bike frame welding line
Surface Finish
Many would argue that painting a titanium framed bike takes away its inherent beauty. Unpainted, bead blasted and brushed titanium finishes are very popular. If you choose a painted titanium frame, or have a frame custom painted, the has to worry about repairing chips and scratches to keep the bike looking good. The same maintenance issue exists with frames that are polished up to a mirror-like finish – they will also show every scratch or blemish
rainbow finish titanium bike frame
Bike frame weight
Clearly, as weight is such a key issue in terms of choosing a titanium bike over others, it is worth looking at relative weights of different frames from different manufacturers. This may not be quoted by a seller, but you can always email the question to the seller via eBay or check the manufacturers website
titanium bike frame weight
Check feedback
Doing some research online before shopping. You may check out the reviews ,go to some bicycle forums to get some useful suggestions this will help you avoid buying fake products . At last wish you got your dreamed titanium bike as soon as possible. And if you have any question please contact:
contact titanium bike manufacturer

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