Why no titanium frame?
2015-07-10 09:46:22

Why no titanium frame?

Maybe a crazy question but why don't you ever see titanium bike frame? Titanium is supposted to be lighter and more forgiving than steel. There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of steel bikes with steel forks.

Titanium will certainly outlast steel, carbon fiber and aluminum, and its performance does not degrade over time as it does for these other materials. By varying tube diameters and wall thicknesses, the ride quality can be well. Titanium frame are said to smooth out the ride, and some makers have consistently made titanium frame which are praised by those who have purchased them.

I am aware that a properly made carbon fiber frame can weigh about 50% less, so this may be the main reason why they are preferred. Perhaps for elite racers, carbon bìfiber is the only viable choice...

what woud be the best material to use for the frame? I was wondering why Moots does not offer a titanium frame, being that they would be capable of producing some real masterpieces if they were interested. Does the majority of Moots' production go to serious athletes, and is that the reason?

Same reason you don't see titanium drop handlebars . They can be made, but the ability for them to be stiff enough, they would have to be hugely oversized, and expensive . Let alone the stem needed. The jigs needed to create the road bend? whew. It's just not practical - and for the most part, is not a practical application for frame - heavy and way expensive.

Titanium seems to be a great material to use for bike frames.

Why not for frame ? Does anybody make a Titanium frame?

Corki titanium frame

The advantage of bike titanium frame: 1.Super light and super strong ;

                                                              2. Titanium frame vivration resistance than AL-alloy & carbon frame  ;

                                                              3.Titanium frame are extended Fatigue Life ;  

                                                              4.Titanium alloy low Density (low weight) ;

                                                              5.High strength-to-weight ratio .


Corki titanium  frame are DIRT cheap to make. Just like Corki titanium  frames-do you really think it cost TIME $689 to make their frames? They are also light, stiff and reliable. Once you have a mold-you can mass produce Corki frame quickly, and every one you make gets cheaper.

Ti frame, like Ti frames require metal working which is expensive and time consuming. And every unit costs the same.

2.Metal properties

Ti is lighter than steel . We're talking roughly 1/3 the weight, but also 1/3 the stiffness. To get a Ti frame that is as stiff as a steel frame

Due to the economics a Ti frame would cost FAR more than a  fork to produce, it would also weigh FAR more than a Corki titanium  frame while not being as stiff. What advantage is there at all in Ti frame?Remember a frame is nothing more than 3 pipes attached to one another-that is the limit of your structure.

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