titanium bike frame vs carbon bike frame
2015-02-02 09:30:39

titanium bike frame vs carbon bike frame

Titanium bike frame vs Carbon bike frame vs Aluminium bike frame vs Steel bike frame

On the market, there are many people use titanium bike frame, carbon bike frame, aluminium bike frame, and steel bike frame. what is the real difference ?what is the advantage of each frame ?which frame is the best ? 

titanium bike frames 

The advantage of titanium bike frame:
1.Bullet proof
3.Lively feel
4.Shock absorbing
5. titanium bike frame more Safer than carbon bike
Titanium bike frame stronger than carbon bike. carbon bike sometimes will be broken when crashing ,when broken some parts are sharp ,This will put rider in danger. When crashing, titanium bike frame will be transformative but not broken. SO it will not hurt riders .
6. Titanium bike frame vibration Resistance better than AL-alloy bike frame & carbon bike frame
Titanium is resilient as it protects the cyclist from most vibration. You never know riding is such a comfortable thing without it.
7. Extended Fatigue Life (frames that last a lifetime)
Firstly,Titanium is tough at both high and low temperatures. It resists breaking, crackingor chipping underimpact or stress.Secondly,Titaniumis a self-healing metal that forms an oxide ceramic skin over itself when scratched. This gives it the ability to resist being eroded by contact with outside materials such as dirt, sand, ice, mud, etc. You may enjoy a lifetime riding with it.
8.Titanium alloy low Density (low weight)
Titanium is 40% lighter than steel.
9.High strength-to-Weight Ratio
Titanium has superior strength-to-weight ratios. It is the choice for aircraft.
10. Corrosion Resistance (rust free)
Titanium is corrosion proof in all naturally occurring environments, Acid? Damp? Ultraviolet rays These can't be the problems! Never worry about the traces of time on a titanium bike frame, for it is rust free.
11. Flexibility
Titanium may be flexed or bowed repeatedly without undergoing rupture. It has ½ of the modules of steel; therefore, it will bend at least twice as far before breaking.
12. Greater elongation tolerance( ability to bend back)
13. Non-Poisonous
Titanium is no-poisonous and biologically inert . that's why medical industry used a lot of titanium components.
The disadvantage of titanium bike frame :
2.Difficult to make aero shapes due to welding considerations
3.Difficult to repair
4.Stiffness is traded for lightweight
To sum up, titanium bike frame is expensive but light and comfortable and safe.
titanium bike frame
Carbon bike frame
The advantage of carbon bike frame:
1.Lightest material
2.Strongest material
3.Stiffest material
4.Best shock absorption
5.Infinitely mouldable to any design
6.Flexible where it needs to be
7.Won’t rust or corrode like steel
The disadvantage of carbon bike frame :
2.Not all carbon is created equal
3.Can crack/fracture not safe
4.Strength and stiffness depend on design
To sum up, carbon bike frame is beautiful and super light but not as safe as titanium bike frame and also expensive
carbon bike frame
Aluminium bike frame
The advantage of aluminium bike frame:
5.Great for climbing and sprinting
6.Won’t rust or corrode
7.Less expensive than carbon fiber
The disadvantage of aluminium bike frame:
1.Harsh on rough roads
2.Can fatigue over time (Leads to overbuilding which adds to weight)
3.Not easily repaired
4.Weak joints
To sum up, aluminium bike frame is not strong as titanium bike frame, heavier than carbon bike frame, but comfortable and cheaper , suit for most of riders.
aluminium bike frame
Steel bike frame
The advantage of steel bike frame:
1.The Inexpensive
3.Flexes enough for a soft ride
4.Most durable of all the materials
5.Lively feel
6.Easy to work with and repair
The disadvantage of steel bike frame:
3.Flexes too much for racing
To sum up, steel bike frame is heavy not convenient ,easy to get rusty but it is really cheap .
steel bike frame
If you are bicycle beginners, at the first stage we suggest you to choose aluminium bike frames, it is cheap and light ,easy to control. if you are a pro rider, we suggest to choose titanium bike frames, for safty reasons, when doing tough riding, please also choose titanium bike frame. when riding on smooth road carbon bike frame is the best choice. above information is my personal opinion only for reference !!!!  if you disagree with my opinions or any comment , please email me: .

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